Atish Saha (AKA. Ayon Rehal) works in the field of photography and performance art. He has an advance diploma in photography from Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute. Recently.  Atish has been awarded the Overseas Press Club of America award and the VQR prize for photography.

His participation in major group exhibitions includes: Murder Not Tragedy, Drik Gallery in 2014; Murder Not Tragedy, Australia 2015; 1134: Lives Not Numbers, Pathshala, 2014; Lives Not Numbers, Art Gallery of EMW Bookstore, Boston, 2015. First solo exhibition was  Rana Plaza: An Act of God? Out of the Blue gallery, Scotland, 2015

His interests include and show a deep understanding of people’s individuality, the private space that has been violated by the society since his motherland’s independence, the struggle of being in the minority, identity crisis, and religious extremism.

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