Tasneem Alsultan was born in the US and educated in England, returning to Saudi for her undergraduate studies. Her masters focused on the ethnographic study of Saudi women abroad, receiving an MA from Portland State University. After years of teaching in universities between Saudi and the United States, she ventured into photography. As one of the premiere wedding photographers in the GCC, Tasneem documented the traditions and cultures that were celebrated. After shooting weddings for five years, she now uses her story telling experience to document topics focusing on human rights specific to gender and social issues in Saudi.

In April 2016, Tasneem was selected by British Journal Photography as one of 16 emerging photographers in their "Ones To Watch Issue" She soon joined Rawiya, the first all-female photography collective from the Middle East. Working on book for her recent project “Saudi Tales of Love”, based on women sharing complex marriage theories and experiences.

Tasneem is also an Investigative Writer/Photographer, Freelancing in the Middle East. She has worked for international media on hard news, as well as long form features. She covered the first women’s voting and elections in Saudi Arabia, which took place in different cities across the country, for National Geographic. Also, she has covered stories in Saudi for Vogue Italia, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times Lens Blog.

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