"Science isn't fiction, science is weirder than fiction."

French photographer David Fathi uncovers strange, little-known narratives in his practice that shine a blinding light on the cognitive biases which make us confuse fact and fiction and see reality in a whole new way.

After completing a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, David began an in-depth research in photography that ran side by side with his career in engineering. His double practice is evidenced in his photographic work which reflects his intense passion for science and curiosity about the limits of knowledge.

In his series ‘Anecdotal’, David tells a story that seem fictional, but is absolutely true. His series points out that the nuclear age - synonymous with the explosion of two atom bombs: Hiroshima and Nagasaki – reaches far beyond 1945, exposing the reality that more than 2000 nuclear bombs have been detonated on Earth since the end of the Second World War. Nuclear power countries have methodically been bombing their own lands as an act of self mutilation in the name of self defence.’  His series, Anecdotal’, received the jury’s special mention at the prestigious Prix Levallois prize and was made into a publication in 2015.

Retracing a strange tale about one of the founders of quantum physics, Wolfgang Ernst Pauli, David incorporates images from the CERN Photo Archive (1960-1985) to create his series, “Wolfgang’. His aim is to support his theory that 'In quantum physics as well as in photography, the act of observing is not a neutral act. It participates in the outcome of a scene'. The photos that make up 'Wolfgang' are sometimes real, sometimes completely fabricated. The observer is actor in fixing what is science and what is myth.

‘Wolfgang’ published by Skinnerboox was awarded the Grand Prix Award at Fotofestiwal in Lodz, Poland in June 2016 and the Rencontres des Arles Photo Folio Award in July 2016.  In July 2017, David's newest project, "The Last Road of the Immortal Woman" will be exhibited at this prestigious festival in the South of France.

David Fathi’s work has been exhibited in various galleries and festivals in France, Ireland, England, Poland and Portugal. He lives and works in Paris, France.

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