Tanya Habjouqa Magnum Foundation grantee

  • The Un/Holy Land
    The Un/Holy Land
    “The Un/Holy Land” by Tanya Habjouqa (photographer), Dimi Reider (writer), and Muhammad Jabali (writer/technologist)
Congratulations to Tanya Habjouqa, a grant recipient of the Magnum Foundation's pilot initiative - On Religion - supporting photographers working in collaboration with other creative practitioners.
This experimental model is fostering new approaches to socially engaged visual storytelling by providing grants and a project development workshop to photographers working in interdisciplinary teams with other specialists, including writers, anthropologists, and technologists.

From proposals submitted through an open call last summer, an independent three-member jury of religion experts comprised of Dr. Diana Taylor, Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, and writer Jeff Sharlet selected projects that will be developed collaboratively over the coming months. Photographers working in partnership with other creative practitioners will produce uniquely effective and experimental storytelling that furthers awareness and expands our knowledge of the politically significant and vastly complex ways that religion impacts our lives.

This topical grant is made possible by the Henry Luce Foundation, with editorial and advisory support from The Revealer: A Review of Religion and Media and NYU’s Center for Religion and Media.

The project : “The Un/Holy Land” by Tanya Habjouqa (photographer), Dimi Reider (writer), and Muhammad Jabali (writer/technologist) seeks to tell stories of lives and places in Palestine-Israel by exploring the many overlaps of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, secular and religious, sacred and profane, and politics and religion. We will challenge how international players on religion manifest themselves here politically and touristically; and we’ll be asking if the supposed relationships between secularism and humanism, religiosity and intolerance are really as clear-cut as they appear. The end product will be a geotagged storytelling website, offering people a multitude of ways to learn and unlearn the lay of the Un/Holy Land.
More to follow on this exciting new collaboration - visit the Magnum Foundation website here

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