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New Perspectives in Photography

Established in 2012, East Wing is a platform for contemporary image makers, presenting a dynamic group of emerging and established artists, working in photography and lens based media from around the world.

East Wing develops projects that trigger curiosity and enlighten, while reflecting on and challenging existing viewpoints. In 2018 East Wing transitioned into a hybrid exhibition platform, experimenting with new presentation channels; bringing works by represented artists to a global audience in new exciting ways.

Featured Portfolios


Presenting an insider’s view on the work of East Wing Artists.

Martin Roemers

From Metropolis to Relics of the Future Martin Roemers shares a snapshot of his artistic practice.

Wesaam Al-Badry

Creating new humanist visual narratives, a Q&A with this innovative artist.

Rania Matar

Shortlisted for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2023.

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Congratulations to @maija.tammi on her new solo exhibition in Eindhoven @mu_hybrid_art_house 

>>> ON EXHIBITION NOW!: Hulda, Lilli & The Roach by Maija Tammi

🦗🦎🪳 Join us to learn about empathy and human nature.

They are called Hulda & Lilli, and simply by giving them a name you feel closer to them.  Finnish artist Maija Tammie examines empathy towards both non-human animals through storytelling. But as a viewer you first must choose.

@maija.tammi also made a new work, again delving into the human and non-human mind.  On The Third Day features an intoxicated cockroach. It slowly wakes up in a dark cave not knowing how it got there. It also wonders what the growing thing between its legs is? The Roach has three days to figure it out... 📺

🗓️ You can visit Hulda, Lilli & The Roach until 15 September 2024

📹 video @claratjuvstart 
📐 type design @heyheydehaas

Today! Saturday 13 July @ 16:00 @aestiftung join us!!
• @aestiftung Heute findet die erste Führung zu unserer Ausstellung “Imagine Another Perspective” statt. In der Führung mit Kuratorin Peggy Sue Amison und Kunstlerin Maija Tammi wird auf die Werke aller drei Künstler:innen der Ausstellung Imagine Another Perspective eingegangen, mit Fokus auf Maija Tammis
Serie Immortal’s Birthday.

Um 16 Uhr geht es los, es gibt noch Platz für die ganz Spontanen!


Today is the first guided tour of our exhibition “Imagine Another Perspective”. In the guided tour with curator Peggy Sue Amison and artist Maija Tammi, the works of all three artists in the exhibition Imagine Another Perspective will be discussed, with a focus on Maija Tammi’s series Immortal’s Birthday.

The event starts at 4 pm, there is still room for the very spontaneous! Thanks to @finnlandinst and @eastwingphoto for their support in realising this exhibition!


For more information about the exhibition visit

To learn more about the artists visit

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Opening today at 7pm!! The show
“Imagine Another Perspective” will open today at Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung, showcasing the work by Mandy Barker (@mandybarkerphotography), Maija Tammi (@maija.tammi) & Caleb Charland (@caleb.charland). The exhibition was curated by Peggy Sue Amison.

The exhibition highlights the work of Maija Tammi which describes the hydra as a creature that seems straight out of science fiction but is, in fact real.
Immortal’s Birthday continues Tammi’s exploration of humanity’s place in the continuum of existence and ageing. Mandy Barker uses photography for over 15 years as a tool to raise awareness about the global issues of plastic pollution, and Caleb Charland uses photography to explore unseen energies around us.
Charland combines his curiosity for science with a constructive approach to image-making, utilizing everyday objects and fundamental forces.

This exhibition was made possible through @finnlandinst.

For more information about the exhibition visit

To learn more about the artists visit

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On exhibition and published in
HUMAN.KIND. by Prix Pictet (@prix_pictet) and the Red Cross Museum ( is the work of Phillipe Dudouit (@philippedudouit) The book is out for sale now and the exhibition runs till August 25th!

Philippe Dudouit conducts in-depth historical, geopolitical and cartographic research and analysis.
His work forms a long-term study of the sociopolitical evolution of the Sahelo-Saharan region since 2008 - an area that now faces a dangerous cocktail of underdevelopment, poverty and state failure.

Philippe Dudouit is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
His study of the Sahelo-Saharan region was published in 2019 by Edition Patrick Frey as The Dynamics of Dust.

For more information visit our website

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Opening Friday in Berlin!! Scroll down for English 👇• @aestiftung 💡 Am Freitag ist es soweit! Unsere neue Ausstellung “Imagine Another Perspective” eröffnet! 💡
Kuratiert wurde die Schau von Peggy Sue Amison und zeigt Werke von Mandy Barker, Caleb Charland und Maija Tammi.

Die Arbeiten der drei internationalen KünstlerInnen veranschaulichen Bereiche der uns umgebenden natürlichen Welt, die oftmals unbemerkt bleiben, für unser Überleben jedoch wesentlich sind – das Unsichtbare, das Übersehene und das Überraschende. Die Ausstellung ist ein Versuch, unser Sehen und unsere Wahrnehmung zu schulen – in der Hoffnung, zu einer anderen Sichtweise unserer Umwelt zu gelangen. Durch ihr Experimentieren mit diversen fotografischen Verfahren und Techniken erforschen die KünstlerInnen zugleich den Prozess der Fotografie selbst.

Um 19 Uhr geht es los, wir freuen uns auf euch!


💡 Friday is the day! Our new exhibition “Imagine Another Perspective” opens! 💡
The show was curated by Peggy Sue Amison and features works by Mandy Barker, Caleb Charland and Maija Tammi.

The works of the three international artists included in the presentation aim to illuminate areas of the natural world around us that are often unnoticed: the unseen, the overlooked, and the surprising, which are however central to our survival. The exhibition is an attempt to train our vision and perception, in hopes of gaining a different perspective on our environment. By experimenting with a variety of tools and optical techniques, the artists also explore the process of photography itself.

It starts at 7 pm, we look forward to seeing you!

Caleb Charland
Beet Field, from the series: Back to Light
© Caleb Charland, Courtesy of East Wing/Doha

@caleb.charland @maija.tammi @mandybarkerphotography @psamison 
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Opening in 8 days!!! 
Imagine Another Perspective showcases the work of Mandy Baker, Maija Tammi and Caled Charland at Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung in Berlin. 
The show is curated by Peggy Sue Amison.

Join us at the opening on the 12th of July!!!

For more information on East Wing, our photographers and their work visit our website

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Corinne Vionnet (@co_vionnet) recently released her latest publication ‘Paris Paris Paris’, published by RVB books (@rvb_books)

Since 2005, Corinne Vionnet has been working on mass tourism and the massive circulation of images. Paris Paris Paris follows on from the series that made her known. After studying several destinations, the artist turned her attention to one of the most photographed cities, and found numerous sites and monuments that feed an uninterrupted flow of images. 

The Swiss artist transforms the raw material she works with: standardized snapshots of hyper-frequented places that feed social networks. Her images, which reveal nothing of the considerable work involved in their creation (archive research, crowdsourcing and collage), question our collective memory and tourist behavior. Why do we always take and share the same images?

Find out more and purchase the book through the following link: 


To find out more about Corinne’s work visit our website

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For Press and other inquires please contact:

Artistic Director
Peggy Sue Amison

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