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In Transit, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, IRE

East Wing is a dynamic platform for contemporary image makers, presenting a fascinating group of emerging and established artists working in photography and lens based media from around the globe.

East Wing fosters exciting, thought-provoking lens-based projects that disrupt perceived notions about photography and initiate provocative discourse with a humanistic approach. The presented works trigger curiosity and enlighten while reflecting on and challenging existing viewpoints.

In 2018, East Wing began experimenting with hybrid exhibition platforms, curating projects on new delivery channels, showcasing the represented artists to an immediate global audience.

Parataxic Distortion, Christto & Andrew, Dubai, UAE

Glory of the Artifice, Christto & Andrew, Unseen Amsterdam, NL

Where are we now, Group Exhibition, Paris Photo, FR

In Transit, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, IRE

Women of Gaza, © Tanya Habjouqa

© Cortis & Sonderegger from the series, Ikons


Founded in Doha, Qatar, in 2012, East Wing initially established a successful gallery space in Dubai from 2014 to 2018, as well as showcasing works at international art fairs. In 2018, the gallery began experimenting with online presentation models, discovering new platforms for immediate exhibitions of lens-based artworks.

Presently, East Wing combines presentations through the online exhibition and editorial space Artsy with social media portals. The gallery also occasionally curates physical gallery pop-up presentations and partners with photogragraphy festivals in different parts of the world. Additionally, East Wing offers consultation and support in the development of meaningful collections for those passionate about innovative photography and video.