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A Message From Venus

Christto & Andrew
SCAD Museum of Art

11 February – 25 September 2021

'A Message from Venus' is the duo’s first U.S. museum exhibition, the artists present recent photographs that speak to our globalized culture at a time when our relationships to and experiences of image-making technology are dissimilar. The artists’ photographs proffer objects loaded with symbolism and figures that paradoxically seem to inhabit a…

In Transit

Group Exhibition 

Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, Germany 

11 September – 17 January 2021

In Transit is a multidisciplinary presentation that focuses on the tentative, limbo-like experience of living between different cultures, exploring the stories of immigrants who traverse the no-man’s land that exists between home and hope. The lives of those fleeing from unsafe, economically depressed homelands towards dreams of a more secure…