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A Message from Venus’ is the duo’s first U.S. museum exhibition, the artists present recent photographs that speak to our globalized culture at a time when our relationships to and experiences of image-making technology are dissimilar. The artists’ photographs proffer objects loaded with symbolism and figures that paradoxically seem to inhabit a place neither past nor future that could exist within various cultural systems. In a series of scenes, the artists compose these organic and technological objects in the manner typical of the “still nature” genre of art history — yet a more enigmatic aura prevails. While employing a visual vocabulary that condenses and references the past 60 years of popular culture and image production, Christto & Andrew create their own mythology.

Christto & Andrew (Christian Sánchez Diaz b. 1985, San Juan Puerto Rico; Andrew Jay Weir, b. 1987, Johannesburg, South Africa), first gained international acclaim with their inclusion in the 2014 Foam Magazine “Talent Issue”, followed by East Wing’s presentation of their work at Unseen Amsterdam Art Fair in the Netherlands.

Since then they have been presented in multiple solo exhibitions, group shows, biennials and art fairs world-wide. Their work has been exhibited at the Multimedia Art Museum – Moscow Russia, Rencontres de la Photographie – Arles FR, and the NRW- Forum Düsseldorf – Germany. East Wing Presented a solo exhibition of the duo, titled Parataxic Distortion in Dubai in 2016 – “A Message to Venus” it the first solo presentation by Christto & Andrew in the United States. A Message From Venus is Curated by Humberto Moro.