Corinne Vionnet featured at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art / Opening March 30th

  • San Francisco, 2006, from the series© Corinne Vionnet Photo Opportunities, 2005
    San Francisco, 2006, from the series© Corinne Vionnet Photo Opportunities, 2005
    Collection SFMOMA
Corinne Vionnet's work from 'Photo Opportunities' is has been aquired by San Francisco Museum of Art for their collection and is presently on exhibition in the group presentation, 'snap + share: transmitting photographs from mail art to social networks' curated by Clement Cheroux.

The exhibition gives visitors a new way to visualize — and experience — how photographs have become so ubiquitous in our daily lives. Whether through early examples of 1960s and ’70s mail art, physical piles of pictures uploaded to the Internet over a 24-hour period, or a working refrigerator that allows participatory meme-making, visitors can trace the evolution of sharing photographs.

Spanning the history of mail art to social networks, the show presents a variety of artists working in various media, from framed paper-based art to immersive installations. Some of these artists include On Kawara, Ray Johnson, Moyra Davey, Erik Kessels, Corinne Vionnet, and David Horvitz. Exploring how networks are created through the act of sending images out into the world, this exhibition reveals just how those networks have changed in the age of the Internet.

The exhibition runs 30 March - 4 August 2019

For more information on this exhibition go to this link

To see more works by Corinne Vionnet visit her website
or visit her artist page on the East Wing Website

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