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Corinne Vionnet on exhibition with Vanessa Winship and María Azkarate
30-30-30 at Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao Spain

Curated by Ramón Esparza.

30 years after the Ría de Hierro exhibition, Bilbao Metropoli-30 and the museum have joined forces to show, once again through photography, a renewed image of the metropolitan area at the mouth of the Nervión. It is a smaller project but with the same spirit as the one that in 1993 gave an account of the state of an urban area that was witnessing the end of its industrial stage, with the main factories, installed on the edge of the estuary, closed or about to close. The one presented here presents, first of all, a gender difference, since three female views have covered the territory of the Lower Nervión. In addition, the images reveal the depth of social change experienced during these decades. Corinne Vionnet’s vision of the city comes from social networks. And if we know that our knowledge of the world is largely constructed through images, her work raises the question of the dilution of the image in reality. Vanessa Winship and María Azkarate adopt more “conventional” points of view, focusing on the physical city – the urban fabric and its ruptures – and the human city, another of the poles of change in recent years. They show us that the vernacular city has become, like so many others in Europe, a potpourri of origins and languages.

Running from  June14 – October 15, 2023

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