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“FUTURE TENSE” at FORMAT International Photography Festival
curated by East Wing Artistic Director, Peggy Sue Amison
Running from 16 March – 30 June 2023

Format International Photography Festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary with the award winning group exhibition “FUTURE TENSE,” curated by East Wing Artistic Director, Peggy Sue Amison. The exhibition is a selection of eight projects by ten international artists and includes works by Arko Datto, Tanya Habjouqa, and Katrin Koenning, all of whom collaborate with East Wing.

Future Tense is conceived as an open-ended conversation in the form of a visual dialogue. Viewed through a multifaceted lens of different life experiences, the work  draws from their diverse cultures and backgrounds. Together, they create a broad range of voices that collectively communicate a variety of feelings and thoughts, leaving audiences space for reflection and contemplation.

Working with still photography, cinematography, documentary, mise-en-scene, & collage, the artists consider topics including: how mining the past can contribute to a more dynamic understandng of the future, and the ways gender identity provides a space of improvisation which can generate new understandings.

“FUTURE TENSE” was awarded the FORMAT 23 award in 2023, celebrating projects that encompass the zeitgeist of the here and now, past, present and future.

The exhibition was made possible with additional support from Culture Ireland and East Wing | Doha.

Images above from left – right:
© Ako Datto from this series “Shunyo Raja (Kings of a Bereft Land),” ©Tanya Habjouqa from her new work, “Birds Unaccustomed to Gravity and © Katrin Koenning “The Kids Are In Trouble.”

Included in the award winning group exhibition are three East Wing artists; Arko Datto and works from his series, “Shunyo Raja (Kings of a Bereft Land)” who uses environmental portraits and expansive landscape images to depict the people and vistas of the brutal and ever-changing landscape in the The Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta, comprising Bangladesh and West Bengal (India). The title derives from the words of an environmental refugee, who told Datto: “Bereft of our land and livelihood, we are all but ‘shunyo rajas – kings of a bereft land’ –in this erstwhile land of plenty.”

Tanya Habjouqa‘s newest series, “Birds Unaccustomed to Gravity,” is a photographic mapping of the boundaries – psychic and physical – that define contemporary Palestinian lives under occupation. The work ilustrates how living in Palestine requires an ability to accept the existence of contradictory and often hostile realities at once.

Katrin Koenning‘s poetic work “The Kids are in Trouble,” was developed over four years and spanning numerous countries and continents, it is a long–form documentary work that responds to a time characterised by vested interest, an obsession with economic growth, and a relentless pursuit of capitalist this is reshaping the world. It depicts a time of ecological collapse, extinctions, and social emergencies.

FUTURE TENSE runs until 30 June 2024

Images above from left – right:
© Tanya Habjouqa from the series “Birds Unaccustomed to Gravity”
© Katrin Koenning from the series “The Kids Are in Trouble”
© Arko Datto from the series, “Shunyo Raja (Kings of a Bereft Land)”