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East Wing features new and established artists at
Foundations Winter 2024 @ Artsy
23 January – 12 February 2024.

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East Wing showcases a unique group of artists who present investigative narratives from around the world for “Foundations, Winter 2024” the online art fair on Artsy.

Together, these artists challenge the foundations of image-making through distinctive visual narratives, that explore unseen communities and also examine iconic and oversaturated images etched in our collective consciousness. Featured artists include Wesaam Al-Badry, Rehab Eldalil, Federico Estol, Christopher Iduma, Corinne Vionnet, and Cortis & Sonderegger.

Images above from left – right:
© Wesaam Al-Badry, from the series “From Where I Came,” © Rehab Eldalil, from the series “The Longing of the Stranger Whose Path has Been Broken,” © Federico Estol, from the series “Shine Heroes,” © Chris Iduma, from the series “Sister of Charity.”

For this edition of “Foundations,” East Wing celebrates new artists on our roster: Wesaam Al-Badry (IQ / USA), Rehab Eldalil (EG), Federico Estol (UY) and Christopher Iduma (NG). Their narratives provide insight into vibrant communities that are often underrepresented worldwide, spanning the energy and vibrancy of communities across the Sinai Desert, Bolivia, Nigeria and the United States.

Additionally, we feature works by Franco-Swiss artist Corinne Vionnet, who considers the relationship between mass tourism and digital culture, through her series “Photo Opportunities” and “Paris, Paris, Paris.” Cortis & Sonderegger’s series, “Icons,” daringly re-envisions iconic photographic images, challenging traditional notions of what constitutes a “document.” East Wing is thrilled to present this exciting lineup of contemporary artists working both in the studio and out in the field, weaving narratives that invite viewers to consider and question our vision of the world in 2024!

New Voices

East Wing celebrates new talents who have recently joined the gallery: Wesaam Al-Badry (IQ / USA), Rehab Eldalil (EG), Federico Estol (UY) and Christopher Iduma (NG). Their narratives provide insight into vibrant communities, achieved through collaboration with their subjects to bringing their stories to light.

Images above from left – right:
© Corinne Vionnet from the series “Photo Opportunities,” © Cortis & Sonderegger, from the series “Icons.”
Innovative Visions
Franco-Swiss artist Corinne Vionnet and Swiss based artists, Cortis & Sonderegger utilse both analogue and digital methods to explore concepts related to constantly consumed imagery around the globe. Employing technology and wit, they open up new perspectives on mass media and challenge the relevance of truth in photography.