Lina Hashim

2013 Student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, DK
2012 Danish School of Art Photography Fatamogana, DK
2010 The Danish High School of Art HolbækKunst, Højskole, DK
2009 The Danish Educational University. Master's degree in Antropology, DK

Solo Exhibitions
No Wind with Hijab / Unlawful Meetings / Suicide Bombers - Galeri Gamla Staden, Landskrona Foto Festival, SE

I will not tell my mama- The Iraqi Festival of Cultur, Copenhagen, DK

In the shadow - The Museum of Arts, Møn, DK
In the shadow, Astel Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

The Red Tower Gallery in Slagelse, DK

Group Exhibitions
Present. Aarhus, DK

Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Fotografisk Centre, Ung Dansk Fotografi 2016 (Young Danish Photography 2016), Copenhagen, DK
No Wind - with Hijab, Sophienholm Museum-LyngbyKunstforening, Lyngby, DK
UNSEEN Photography fair courtesy Tom Christoffersen Gallery. Amsterdam, NL
Christophe Guye Galerie. Zurich, Ch
Le petit espace. Paris, FR
Tom Christoffersen Gallery. Copenhagen, DK
Voice off Festival, Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, FR


Paris Photo, presented by East Wing Gallery, Doha / Dubai,Grand Palais, Paris, FR
UNSEEN Photography Fair, presented by East Wing Gallery, Doha / Dubai, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL
ZOOart 2014, zooart, July, Cuneo, IT
Rundgang, The Danish Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Copenhagen, DK
Photo City, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, DK.
Process, an exhibition initiative by Der Grief Magazine at Neue GalerieimHöhmannhaus,Augsburg, DE
Træfpunkt, Group Exhibition, Gallery Blyme& Hegnhøj, Copenhagen, DK
årgang ca 268 Gallery Q, Copenhagen, DK

KS13- No Wind with Hijab,The Art Museum of West Jutland, Janusbygningen, Tistrup, DK
Marts-KP13, The Center of Contemporary Art in Aarhus, DK

Dansehallerne, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Fatamorgana School, Copenhagen, DK

Group exhibition, Riddersalen Art Fair, Aarhus, DK

Group exhibition, Arteille, Tapperihallerne, Hellerup, DK

The Shadow-Møns Museum of Arts, Stege, DK

Online Publications
Landskrona Foto Festival, SE
Lina Hashim, questions coraniques,
L'Oeil de la Photographie

Fotokunst. Lina Hashim undersøger islamiske synder, Weekendavisen 17 June 2016
Hvis islam er et teaterstykke, vil jeg vise, hvad der sker backstage.” Mød kunstneren, 12 May 2016

Huck Magazine, 10 September text by Alex King
Hunting for Truth - interview with Alex Buhl (video)
Les Inrockuptibles Magazine, issue 24 June 2015, text Camille Emmanuelle
Women in the World, New York Times, 31 July 2015, text Katie Booth
Interview with Colin Pantall, 18 September 2015
British Journal of Photography, Unlawful Meetings, 18 July 2015
Colin Pantall review, Unlawful Meetings, 20 January 2015

Jadaliyya - Studio Visit: Lina Hashim, 8 December 2014
Paris Photo 2014
Interview Kopenhagen Magasin, June 12 (video)
Politiken Magazine, No Wind - With Hijab, October, DK
dansk FOTOKUNST, May, New Talent Feature, DK
GUP Magazine, April, Double Lives, an Interview with Lina Hashim, NL
Politiken Magazine, January, Interview: Hun Fotograferer Forbudt sex. I al Hemmelighed / She Photographs Forbidden Sex. Secretly, DK
Der Greif, OnLine Magazine, March, Feature on photographer in the exhibition A Process, DE
Mrs Deane Blog, March, Kuwait Weeks: Women on Wheels 3, Feature, Den Haag, NL


Special Edition of Unlawful Meetings - artist publication
20/20 Vision Exhibition Catalogue, Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich

A Process, to accompany group exhibition, Published by Der Grief, Ausburg, DK

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