Arko Datto
(B 1986)

Arko Datto aims to use photography to question what it means to be a photographer in the digital age while simultaneously playing the role of observer and commentator on critical issues.

He pursues narratives on seemingly disparate topics - forced migration, techno-fascism, surveillance in the digital panopticon, disappearing islands, nocturnal realms and psychosomatic stress of captive animals to name a few. Although every narrative he explores is separate and different from the next, together they form threads of inquiry into the existential dilemmas of our times. By incorporating and developing diverse visual languages, narratives and styles, Datto pushes the boundaries of both still and moving images.

He was on his way to a doctorate in theoretical sciences before he decided to change course and move into photography. Apart from working on his visual projects, he also enjoys curating the works of others and has been associated with Kochi Biennale, Obscura Photography Festival and the upcoming Chennai Photo Biennale in Fall of 2021.

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