This Copenhagen artist collective is comprised of: Tobias Selnaes Markussen,
Sara Brincher Galbiati and Peter Helles Eriksen.

Six years ago they started a creative studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally working individually as photographers on personal projects and commercial assignments. 'Phenomena' was their first project as a collective and the beginning of a praxis, that continues to push the boundaries of contemporary documentary photography practice.

‘Phenomena’ is their co-operative, anthropological study of UFO's and ET's which has been exhibited in Europe and the US with a book, published by André Frère Éditions.

"We believe that the romanticized ego of the photographer needs to be challenged and dissolved. For the ‘Phenomena’ project we didn’t distinguish between who took which images. We want our work to be judged solely on the nature of the content. Working as a collective has been very liberating for all of us and has transformed ‘Phenomena’ into a much stronger body of work than any of us could have achieved by ourselves."

Their latest project - The Merge has already received accolades in Europe, winning the Forhanna Grant in the Netherlands and the British Journal of Photography International Photography Award 2018. ‘The Merge’ premiered in London at TJ Boulting Gallery in July 2018 and an expanded exhibition was mounted at Breda Photo Festival in the Netherlands in September 2018.

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