Cédric Delsaux was born in 1974. Throughout his career he has explored the increasingly tenuous borders between fiction and reality.  Initially best known for his advertising campaigns, he later became recognised for his long-term personal series.

Whether his focus is on industrial immoderation, delusions of grandeur, or uncertain dreams, with each production Cédric Delsaux strives to elaborate the methods of our madness through his unique concepts that combine false reality and true fiction.

His first series “Nous Resterons Sur Terre” [Here to Stay], was published in 2008 in France and 2009 in the USA by Monacelli Press (Random House). It presents a subjective tour of the symbolic sites of our (post-)modern world: places that are beautiful and ugly, banal and crazy all at once.

The second series “Dark Lens” was published by Éditions Xavier Barral in France in 2011, distributed by D.A.P. in the USA and translated into Japanese by X-Knowledge. George Lucas prefaced the book. Dark Lens introduces the characters from the Star Wars saga into the real world of the Parisian suburbs, Lille, or Dubai, revealing to what extent our perception of the city passes through the filter of fiction.

In the series “1784”, he kept 17 actors inside a castle for 7 days, making them live as though it was the 18th century.

He then tackled “Echelle 1” [Life-size] in which he asked random passers-by to climb onto a white wooden pedestal, thus instantly transforming themselves into life-sized figurines.

In 2014 Zone de Repli followed the traces of the man from Gex. A true story of a man, who for over a decade, pretended to be something he wasn’t: a doctor and researcher with an international career. He went out every morning and wandered in the surrounding areas near where he lived waiting for nightfall. For him, this territory constituted a vast fall-back zone in which he was waiting, all alone, for the tragic end of his lies. The only way he could think of to liberate himself was to murder his whole family. Zone de Repli was published by Éditions Xavier Barral in 2014.

His latest series Back to the Stars will be exhibited at Paris Photo 2018 with East Wing

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