Cédric Delsaux has explored the increasingly tenuous borders between fiction and reality throughout his career. His Series, Dark Lens visualises urban “non-places” inhabited by heroes from the Star Wars saga, a global success since 2004. His subjects have ranged from industrial excesses, delusions of grandeur to uncertain realities, he mixes reality with fiction. Inspired by Cinema and literature, Delsaux’s practice seeks to uncover the extraordinary in the banal every day. His Monographs include: Zone De Repli, Dark Lens, Here To Stay, and Paysages Français.

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Cédric Delsaux is a photographer, visual designer, and author. Throughout his career he has explored the increasingly tenuous borders between fiction and reality. Initially best known for his advertising campaigns, Delsaux later became recognised for his long-term personal projects. Whether his focus is on industrial excesses, delusions of grandeur, or uncertain dreams, with each production he strives to elaborate the methods of our madness through his unique concepts that combine false reality and true fiction.

His first series, Nous Resterons Sur Terre [Here to Stay], published initially in 2008 presented a subjective tour of the symbolic sites of our post-modern world: places that are beautiful and ugly, banal and crazy all at once.

His second series, Dark Lens, published in 2011 by Éditions Xavier Barral with a preface written by George Lucas. Dark Lens introduces the characters from the Star Wars saga into real world urban settings of Parisian suburbs, the cities of Lille, and Dubai; revealing to what extent our perception of the city passes through the filter of fiction.  He is presently working on a sequel titled, Welcome to the Dark Corporation.  

In the series 1784, Delsaux kept 17 actors inside a castle for 7 days, making them live as though it was the 18th century. In Echelle1 [Life-size], he asked random passers-by to climb on to a white wooden pedestal, instantly trans-forming them into life-sized figurines. Zone de Repli follows the traces of the man from Gex: The true story of a man, who for over a decade, pretended to be a doctor and researcher with an international career. This series was published by Éditions Xavier Barral in 2014.

Cedric Delsaux’s photographs are included in many international public and private collections, including the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in the United States.


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