Antje Hanebeck
Presented at
Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar

15 January to 20 March 2014

East Wing made history through our partnership with the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar to present the exhibition, Radiant - photographs by German artist, Antje Hanebeck. Radiant has is the first contemporary exhibition to be mounted in MIA’s galleries.

East Wing invited Hanebeck to create a body of work about the museum in 2011 and development of the Radiant portfolio has been a truly an international collaboration. East Wing commissioned French designer, Olivier Andriotti of Toluca Editions to design the portfolio box and master printer, Fanny Boucher at Atlelier Helio’g who crafted the photogravure prints. Designers and filmmakers from other parts of Europe were also employed to create a short documentary on the process of making the prints.

For more information see: radiant.east-wing.org

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