Tasneem Alsultan wins STERN Grant in Hamburg

  • © Tasneem Alsultan - from the series, Saudi Tales of Love
    © Tasneem Alsultan - from the series, Saudi Tales of Love
The jury of the funding program "STERN Junge Fotografie" has selected the winners of this year's "STERN Grant".

With its impressive, multi-award-winning reports, STERN has set standards in magazine journalism for decades. To discover talents and to offer them a forum for their work belongs to the self-understanding and the tradition of the magazine. Within the framework of his support for the promotion of young people "STERN Junge Fotografie", the magazine has also launched two special programs for young photojournalists for the "STERN Grant" and the "STERN scholarship".

The "STERN Grant", endowed with 10,000 euros, was awarded to Tasneem Alsultan this year. With the prize money, Alsultan, in collaboration with a STERN reporter will realize the theme "Between tradition and modernity - the youth and the upheaval in the Arab world".

Alsultan was born in 1985 in the USA, grew up in England and went to study in the home of her family in Saudi Arabia. Since 2013 she has been working as a professional photographer and is dedicated to the traditions and cultures of the Gulf States.

STERN Art Director Frances Uckermann on the funding programs: "With the 'STERN Grant', we are giving the highly-talented Tasneem Alsultan the opportunity to draw attention to the many challenges faced by young people in the Arab world.

Look to see more exciting work by this young artist in the year ahead!  Tasneem is represented by East Wing in Dubai. You can see more of Tasneem's work on her artist page on this site or on her artist website.
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