TIMELINE ON REWIND - CHRISTTO & ANDREW, Featured on Artsy 6 May - 10 June

  • Long Distance
    Long Distance
    © Christto & Andrew 2012
  • Dont Worry This is Not Real
    Don't Worry This is Not Real
    © Christto & Andrew, 2014
  • Computers in Control
    Computers in Control
    © Christto & Andrew, 2019
  • A Message from Venue
    A Message from Venue
    © Christto & Andrew, 2018
  • Untitled
    © Christto & Andrew,2014
  • Neo Bodegon
    Neo Bodegon
    © Christto & Andrew,2014
  • Transhuman Existence
    Transhuman Existence
    © Christto & Andrew, 2018
  • The Future Aint What is Used to Be (The Serpent that Gives Us Knowledge)
    The Future Aint What is Used to Be (The Serpent that Gives Us Knowledge)
    © Christto & Andrew, 2018
  • Counter Clock
    Counter Clock
    © Christto & Andrew, 2018
  • Mirror
    © Christto & Andrew, 2015
  • Here I am Baby
    Here I am Baby
    © Christto & Andrew, 2020
  • Mimemtic Gestures - Liquid Portraits,
    Mimemtic Gestures - Liquid Portraits,
    © Christto & Andrew, 2014
  • Teleportation Subject
    Teleportation Subject
    © Christto & Andrew, 2016
  • How to Speak to Spirits
    How to Speak to Spirits
    © Christto & Andrew, 2016
  • Ace of Wands
    Ace of Wands
    © Christto & Andrew, 2016
  • Operators Hand
    Operator's Hand
    © Christto & Andrew, 2016
  • Virtual Desolaton
    Virtual Desolaton
    © Christto & Andrew, 2015
  • What is Real?
    What is Real?
    © Christto & Andrew,2019
  • Birds of Paradise
    Birds of Paradise
    © Christto & Andrew, 2015
  • Portrait of Christto & Andrew in Doha 2022
    Portrait of Christto & Andrew in Doha 2022

On Line Exhibition on  Artsy

Highlighting the iconic works by, Christto & Andrew, East Wing presents this on-line survey presentation, diving into how this artistic duo engages with various media, to explore structures of history, politics, the economy, and popular culture against today's rigid societal norms to form a future vision.

Reviewing their previous works from the perspective of now, TIMELINE ON REWIND considers the ways popular culture is embedded in duo’s arts practice. Viewed through their unique aesthetic made up of both vibrant and pastel colors, they create fictionalized portraits of future humans and objects, that have an almost science fiction vibration to them. Underneath the flashy surface of their work is an ongoing dialogue that considers fashion addiction, icons and mega wealth, but also confronts issues of working in the 21st century and identity image through an almost cyborg-like culmination of organic and biomechatronic elements.
Exploding on the photography scene in 2014 on the pages of Foam Magazine’s “Talent Issue", the duo have since been exhibited globally in solo and group exhibitions, biennials and art fairs, including; the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (2015), Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam (2016), NRW - Forum Düsseldorf (2017), the Photo Vogue festival (2018) and Galerie Blanc in Montreal, Canada (2020 – 2021). They premiered their first solo exhibitions in the United States, A Message from Venus at SCAD Museum of Art in 2021.

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